When thinking of braces, it is often assumed that orthodontic treatment is for younger patients. While braces are more popular among younger people, it’s never too late to start your ortho journey. At Bennett Orthodontics, we want to help everyone get the smile of their dreams, no matter their age. Whether you’re getting a later start or simply looking to make some adjustments to previous work, orthodontic treatment can be a useful investment for adults. In this post, we will go over some of the advantages of getting treatment when you’re older and how it differs from treatment in younger patients. 

Good Hygiene Builds Healthy Habits

As we get older, we become more aware of our body and its needs. This is particularly advantageous for adults when communicating their specific habits and hygiene routine to their dentist. Being more aware of your body helps your dentist get a better understanding of how it works and will be able to customize your treatment plan to get the best smile. 

Straightening your teeth also helps your digestive process. Misalignment of your jaw can cause damage to the area where your teeth meet when you take a bite, making the chewing process difficult and uncomfortable. When your jaw or teeth do not meet properly while you’re chewing, you risk over-exerting your jaw muscles which can lead to complications like TMD or temporomandibular joint disorder. The result of not chewing properly is that your digestion can be compromised, which leads to conditions such as a lack of nutrient absorption, indigestion, and reflux. 

In addition to creating healthier habits, orthodontic treatment also helps with common health problems such as headaches, jaw pain, and even sleep issues that can be addressed and avoided by getting braces. Braces can be more high maintenance, but this maintenance can encourage habits that increase overall oral cleanliness. The extra care that goes into cleaning your teeth with braces can lead to a healthier, cleaner mouth. 

Your Smile Is In Your Hands

When you are younger, you’re most likely to have less of a say in your treatment. As an adult with no parent for supervision, you’re in charge! This can be an exciting prospect when working with a supportive team of specialists. Our experts at Bennett Orthodontics are trained to provide you with the resources you need to ensure the most effective treatment. 

That starts with your options for treatment. Like kids, adults have access to many forms of treatment depending on their unique traits. The different types of treatment include:

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners use a series of invisible aligners to help straighten your teeth. They are typically removable and are designed to fit comfortably on your teeth as they work to enhance your smile. 

Clear aligners are a great option for patients who had braces when they were younger and just need a touch-up. They also work well for patients who have mild to moderate dental problems. While clear aligners are a great alternative to braces, there are a few things to note when using aligners to ensure the most effective treatment possible. 

Clear aligners don’t require any metal, making them easy to apply and use during treatment. As you progress in the teeth-straightening process, the aligners will slowly shift your teeth into place. Each tray is made to slightly shift your teeth until they are perfectly aligned into a new and improved smile.

Adult Braces: It’s Not Too Late to Get a Confident SmileClear Braces

Like metal braces, clear braces use brackets and wires to help straighten teeth. They are made of ceramic material and are also set with brackets. Clear braces are a popular choice for those who want to blend in during treatment. 

The main benefit of getting clear braces is that they are easy to disguise. With the slightly smaller frame, clear braces are designed to blend in with your teeth for a more natural look. 

However, it’s important to note that clear braces are more fragile than traditional metal braces. They can also discolor from things like juice or coffee between visits, so it’s important to be careful when choosing clear braces for treatment.  

Traditional Metal Braces

The next option for retreatment is traditional metal braces. They are bridged together using metal brackets and arches to help straighten your teeth over time. They are typically made of stainless steel and nickel, making the brackets very durable. 

They’re an effective option for treating many orthodontic issues and can close gaps. They also align the teeth relatively quickly. Remember, the treatment and care of your braces are essential. Your diet, hygiene routine, and maintaining regular check-ins all factor in the effectiveness of your treatment.  While braces may seem inconvenient, once the treatment is over, your new smile will be all the reward you need.

Beam With Confidence

Your health, self-esteem and confidence can all be improved with a healthier smile. Once your teeth are aligned, everything else seems to fall into place. With a better smile, patients are more likely to continue good habits developed during treatment to preserve their smile and maintain a renewed sense of confidence. 

Adult Braces: It’s Not Too Late to Get a Confident SmileStart Your Smile Journey With Bennett Orthodontics

No matter where you are in your orthodontic journey, you deserve the best care provided by the best team. Bennett Orthodontics is here to help you get and keep the smile you deserve. From a comfortable atmosphere to customized treatment and payment plans, you’ll feel right at home. If you or someone you know is considering treatment options, give us a call!