Show Your Smile

Do you feel like your gums cover up too much of your teeth?

Your gum tissue frames your teeth and we can use orthodontic lasers to sculpt your gums around your teeth to improve your smile.

The best part of laser treatment? In most cases, there aren't any needles!

You'll have your gum tissue numbed with a topical anesthetic so all you'll feel is the slight movement of the laser tip.

Ideal Bracket Placement

If your gums haven't receded properly, or if a tooth is erupting slower than expected, we can use a laser can be used to remove your excess tissue enough to place a bracket.


Impacted Teeth

Impactions are teeth that haven't erupted properly through your gums.

By using laser treatment, we can help your tooth erupt without waiting months for the tooth to erupt on its own, or to refer an expensive surgical procedure.

Aesthetic Gingival Recontouring

After removing your braces, your orthodontist may recommend recontouring your gum line to help your smile look its best.

Aesthetic gingival recontouring is a procedure that will reshape your gum line to improve the aesthetics of your smile by exposing more of your teeth.

Dr. Bennett will use a laser to remove excess gum tissue around your upper teeth to make them look longer.

If your gum line is uneven, aesthetic gingival recontouring can also sculpt the gum line to produce a more symmetrical, balanced smile.