Many of us are creatures of comfort and do not like to branch out into something completely new and unknown. It is a big deal when you find a dentist you like and feel comfortable with! If you have been thinking about braces treatment for yourself or your child, you may be wondering if this is something that has to be done by an orthodontist, or if it is something your regular dentist can handle in his or her office.

Although there are a number of similarities between the two, they are not actually interchangeable. There are some significant differences that set orthodontists apart from dentists, and when you are contemplating orthodontic treatment like braces, it is important to understand what those differences are. In learning what orthodontists like Dr. Bennett have to offer that other dentists do not, you will be able to make an informed decision about which option is best for you and your family.

Continuing education, further training, a specific set of skills

Orthodontists and dentists both get their start in dental school. However, after graduation, orthodontists will set out on a different path, one that includes extra years of specialized training in the alignment of the teeth and jaws. Because orthodontic residency programs are extremely competitive, only the top students in any dental school graduating class will be accepted to continue toward a specialty in orthodontics. This program includes two to three years of full-time training that concentrates on orthodontic issues and how to correct them with orthodontic appliances like braces. This residency must be successfully completed before a dentist is able to claim the title of a licensed orthodontist. Orthodontists are essentially dentists who have years of specialized, additional training in orthodontics behind them. There are exceptions to every rule, but in general, most dentists will not have this same level of rigorous orthodontic training and experience. So, are dentists qualified to straighten teeth using braces or other orthodontic appliances?

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Yes, some dentists are qualified to provide basic orthodontic care. But…

Because all dentists receive some basic orthodontic training in school, there are some general dentists qualified to provide orthodontic care to their patients. These dentists will often take continuing education seminars and acquire extra orthodontic experience through workshops.  But since workshops and seminars have no way to go over such extensive and specific material in depth, it is a bit of an imperfect system.

If your dentist does offer orthodontic care, it is only natural that you would consider using them for braces. But before you choose to move forward with treatment, consider that an experienced orthodontist like Dr. Bennett will be able to:

  • provide a wide variety of treatment options, from traditional metal and ceramic braces to clear aligner systems like Invisalign, and more
  • create a customized treatment plan based around the unique needs, anatomical characteristics, and desired results for you or your child
  • offer more efficient treatments and visits, since orthodontics is the only focus
  • deliver the best possible outcome, particularly for cases that are more complicated or severe

At Bennett Orthodontics, providing the utmost in orthodontic care and treatment is our only specialty! We put a tremendous amount of time and energy into perfecting our techniques and creating a safe, comfortable environment for our patients. We use leading-edge techniques and state-of-the-art technology to perform teeth straightening procedures daily, and our entire team is committed to providing only the very best in individualized orthodontic care.

Specialized treatment for beautiful straight smiles that last a lifetime

Have you ever heard the saying, “just because it can be done, does not mean it should be done?” While it is always up to you as the patient to choose your care provider, there is something to be said for a doctor with the most specialized education, training, and experience when it comes to something as important as your smile. Having a general dentist perform specialized orthodontic work is a little bit like a general physician performing open heart surgery – is it possible? Sure! Is it something you want to take a chance on? Maybe not.

An orthodontist like Dr. Bennett puts emphasis on the most optimal treatment approaches, those that will help us avoid any unnecessary complications. With the training and experience to notice some of the smaller things a general dentist might overlook, orthodontists are able to recommend treatment plans that are time and cost-effective, and will also reduce the chance of any complications developing. Bennett Orthodontics has everything you need for the best orthodontic experience, with customized, long-term care plans to see you through the treatment process, from braces and beyond!

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Bennett Orthodontics offers the best braces experience in Mobile

Our sole specialty at Bennett Orthodontics is orthodontics. Dr. Bennett and the rest of our skilled staff have the kind of expertise and experience necessary to give you nothing the best quality, cost, and efficiency in braces treatment. Choosing to receive orthodontic care is a big decision, and we know that it can often be a step outside your comfort zone. Our team will go above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment you walk in our door. We want your orthodontic process to be as rewarding as possible! 

If you are in Mobile or the surrounding area and would you like to see this kind of excellent care in action, why not schedule a consultation with us? After a comprehensive examination, we would love to outline a personalized treatment plan for you and explore all the ways braces can benefit your smile. Even if you decide not to get braces, we are happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you might have in order to make an informed decision. If you are ready to take the first steps towards a beautifully aligned and fully functional smile, get in touch with us today!