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How to Clean Your Braces

Your smile—it’s what people typically notice first when looking at you. It’s also something that you’ve worked hard to perfect if you have braces. To keep your smile looking good… Read More

Does my child need braces?

So you think your little one may need braces, but how can you be sure? Here are a few signs that your child may need braces: -Teeth that meet abnormally… Read More

Clear Ortho Options

When thinking about braces, many people probably picture traditional braces with metal brackets and wires. But there are actually numerous other options that can help straighten your teeth without being… Read More

Love Your Teeth

Today is all about showing some love to those you care about, and your teeth shouldn’t be left off the list. Once your permanent teeth come in, they are with… Read More

New Year, New Smile

For many, a new year comes with new resolutions. And why not? A new year is a great time to create resolutions—especially those that can improve your health. For brace… Read More

Brace Yourself for the Holidays

The holidays are here, and for most, thoughts are all about gifts, food, and enjoying time with friends and family. But if you have braces, you’re also thinking—and probably worried—about… Read More

Thankful for Our Terrific Staff

The Todd Bennett orthodontic team constantly strives to give patients the best orthodontic care available. Our group of highly trained and skilled professionals consistently develop relationships with all the people who’s… Read More

In the Game with Braces

A common misconception among youth and adults alike is that you can’t play sports with braces. But the truth is that you don’t have to sacrifice sports if you are… Read More