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Smile Resolutions For The New Year

We’re almost through the first month of a brand new year, and here at Bennett Orthodontics, we’ve been thinking a lot about resolutions and resetting our habits. There’s something about… Read More

kids braces

Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

After your child’s orthodontic evaluation, your orthodontist may talk about something called “two-phase treatment.” If you’ve never heard this term before, you’re not alone! Many people aren’t aware of what… Read More

Laughing girls in braces with their arms over each others' shoulders

Wisdom Teeth and Braces

If you’ve recently learned that your smile could benefit from an orthodontic treatment like braces, you’re likely to have a list of common concerns as long as your arm. Will… Read More

Smiling girl putting in Invisalign

Invisalign 101: Beginner’s Guide

In spite of some pretty fantastic advances in orthodontics in recent years, many patients still react to the news that they need braces with dismay. Unfortunately, traditional metal braces have… Read More

What Is Orthodontics?

Although orthodontics is a fairly common term, it’s not necessarily one that is commonly understood. Many people have heard it, but may not be able to tell you what orthodontics… Read More

How to Clean Your Braces

Your smile—it’s what people typically notice first when looking at you. It’s also something that you’ve worked hard to perfect if you have braces. To keep your smile looking good… Read More