As he sat upon his shelf keeping a watchful eye on his friends, Elf thought to himself about what he could do to make his smile even more friendly.  Smiling was absolutely one his favorite things to do and he knew he would be proud to share his smile with the world, if it were just a bit brighter. So he called up his friend Braces Brad who had recently started a smile journey with Bennett Ortho, to find out what he should do.  Braces Brad was happy to share about his visit and everything Elf on the shelf should expect when he goes in for his first visit.

Braces Brad began by scheduling an appointment online at and gathering info on the many . Upon his arrival at Bennett Orthodontics, he was asked to check in for his appointment on the computer system.




TBO_facebook_elf coffee


After checking in, Braces Brad could not help but look around the big office and notice the hot chocolate machine. He quickly proceeded to make himself a delicious cup of his favorite drink, grab copy of Elf Illustrated and get comfy in the roomy waiting room.





He only made it a few pages into an article about the latest sled races when he realized their was an entire arcade just waiting to played with. Braces Brad quickly found himself unleashing his inner gamer and wishing he had more time to play, but it was time to meet with Dr. Bennett and learn more about starting his smile journey.




TBO_blog_elf mouth xrayBraces Brad sat down with Dr. Bennett in the consult lounge and began talking about his desire to have an even better smile. They also discussed the problems he was having chewing his favorite Christmas cookies. Dr. Bennett proceeded to give a thorough examination of his teeth including a visit to the X-ray machine. After reviewing all the options, they both agreed on the perfect smile



Braces Brad was ready to begin his smile journey and proceeded to hop up into the patient chair for his new smile hardware.  The friendly and knowledgeable staff made the whole process easy and relaxing. Before he knew it, it was time to check out and schedule a follow up appointment at the front desk.



Braces Brad was proud to start his smile journey and could not wait to see the results. In the meantime he was taught by Dr. Bennett about how to properly clean and care for his new smile gear to ensure his journey had no delays and provided the best results possible.  After hearing about his great experience, elf on the shelf quickly made his appointment and  began dreaming about the super friendly smile he would soon have.

TBO_blog_elf appt slip