Despite mainly being known for its assistance in helping teenagers and children improve their smiles, orthodontic work is not only for the young. It can help patients of all ages with their oral health and cosmetic goals, including adults! At Bennett Orthodontics, we proudly offer various treatment options for older patients. Whether you are a first-time orthodontic patient or in need of retreatment, we have the best types of braces for adults to choose from. 

Option 1: Traditional Metal Braces

This first type of braces has been around for years and has been the go-to choice for a good reason! Metal braces’ use of brackets made of a mix of metals, including stainless steel and nickel, has earned them their reputation of strength and durability by allowing them to quickly improve even the most complex teeth and jaw alignment problems. These braces can handle intense wire tightenings, moving your teeth quicker than some of our other options. Metal braces are a fantastic option no matter the severity of your bite needs, but don’t let their power and age fool you; the appliance is now more comfortable and less noticeable than ever, thanks to modern technology. 

When you have a fixed appliance like metal braces, you will be required to modify your diet and oral hygiene to protect your braces from damage and maintain your oral health during treatment. While that might sound daunting, we know you’ll get the hang of it in no time! 

These braces are best for adults with mild to severe bite needs who have never had orthodontic work before, had extreme regression, and don’t mind a temporary change to their lifestyle to achieve the best results.

Option 2: Invisalign

We also offer an option for our Mobile, Alabama community that is almost entirely different from metal braces—clear aligners through Invisalign. 

Clear aligners also straighten the teeth by applying pressure, but they don’t need wires or brackets. The transparent, removable trays are custom-made, giving you a comfortable, snug fit that is almost invisible to onlookers. Their removability allows wearers to maintain their same diet and oral hygiene routine, meaning minimal changes to their lifestyle. You can even remove the trays for special occasions! However, you must remember to wear them for twenty-two hours a day, keep up with the trays when you’re not wearing them, and keep them clean.

This option is best for adults with mild to medium smile needs, want discrete treatment, desire flexibility, and can handle the responsibility of a removable orthodontic appliance. 

Option 3: Clear Braces

Clear braces, also known as ceramic braces, are similar to their metal predecessor in their look and how they work, but they are not identical. Instead of using metal brackets, clear braces, use brackets made of a polycrystalline material. They get their name from the tooth-like color they are made in, which gives the illusion of clear braces! While not entirely invisible, clear braces subtly improve your smile. 

We recommend clear braces if you:

A.) Want to upgrade your smile but don’t want your braces to be the first thing people see.

B.) Don’t qualify for clear aligners.

C.) Want a subtle look without the responsibility of a removable appliance.

D.) Want to make a fashion statement with your braces by creating a neon-like effect.

E.) Don’t mind temporarily changing your routine and eating habits.

Ceramic braces are not as fragile as their name suggests, but they are not as strong as metal braces, and you will likely need to be in treatment for a little longer. Like with metal braces, you will have to adjust your diet and oral hygiene routine to ensure that your braces remain in good condition. Unlike metal braces, clear braces are prone to chipping and cracking if not taken care of, so we recommend this treatment option to adults who will not be rough on them.

The Best Type Of Braces For Adults

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